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  • Ordering
  1. How to order
    Simply choose all items you want to order and add them to the shopping cart, log into the payment page and follow the links.
  2. Inquiry
    If you didn't find the book you require you may send us an inquiry through the inquiry form (www.kkme.com/inquiry.asp). You must know the title and ISBN of the book(s) before submitting the form. For this, you can use www.amazon.com, www.bn.com or similar sites. Have in mind that these companies do not provide their service in Saudi Arabia and that their price does not cover shipping and handling charges.
  3. Cancelling an order
    You can cancel orders before they dispatched to you, It is noteworthy that for items we may place an overseas order from US or Europe, you cannot cancel orders following we processed the order.
  4. Payment Options
    You can pay by credit card, bank draft through Al-Rajihi Bank written to Dr. Ahmad Ghandi, Passport No. B6554994 or cash at our office in Jeddah. When you make payment by draft please advice the bank reference number, the data and the amount you sent, plus the reference number of your order.
    Please send a copy of your draft to Fax:(02)6570763.
  • Managing your account
  1. Forgotten your password
    you can send us an email (info@kkme.com) and recieve your password.
  2. Loging off from a shared computer
    Currently, we donot uesr recognition cookies to recognise your computer. Therfore there is no difference between personal or shared computers, thoth we process orders through a secure connection.
  3. Making change to your order
    Change to order/s is possible before their dispatch when the items you select available at the bookshop readily. You can change the order 48 hours after you placed it. We can not change orders we recieve for items we should recieve from the US or Europe for the time being. In case you want to cancel or reorder items, you can write or email us to negotiate the situation, We keep our word to meet your satisfacation with items you buy.
  4. Making change to your detail
    Log on into web site with your User ID and change your details whenever you like.
  • Dispatch and Delivery
  1. Lost and missing orders
    Under the unlikely situation, if your order missed in the post after we dispatched it, we act according to post office rules and regulations.
  2. Delivery problems
    We advise you pay for special delivery for valuable items. Remember we deliver orders in Jeddah free of charge to you. Please note all measures are taken to keep your items safe and without defect until delivery.
  3. Charges of delivery (In Saudi Arabia)
    Cost of your order (SR) Special postage rate(SR) Discount You have to pay
    0-150 50 0% 50
    151-300 50 40% 30
    301-500 50 60% 20
    501-1000 50 80% 10
    more than 1000 50/KG 100% free


  • Return Policy

1.  We believe our service and merchandise have the best quality and and guarantee your satisfaction, therefore we do not accept any returns.
2. If you return a book by post on your own cost in its original condition we will return 90% of your payment for that book. This service is valid for 15 days after our suggested receive time.

  • Prices and Billing

All items are priced in SAR (Saudi Rials), but since our online payment processing system accepts USD (US Dollars), we will charge your credit card the equal amount of the price in USD. The exchange rate is 3.75 SAR per USD.

  • Shipping Length

We have presented the approximate shipping length for the books on each books detail page, which is 2 weeks for some and 2 months for others. Inquired books will take at least 2 months to be delivered to you.

  • Service Area

We currently provide our service only to residents of Saudi Arabian. If you live in any of the Gulf countries and would like to order, please send us an email (info@kkme.com).

  • Business Cooperation

We welcome any cooperation with book distributors and book sellers in the Gulf region, especially the ones located in Saudi Arabia. Please send your proposals to info@kkme.com.



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