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 About Kowkab Publishers


§             Kowkab Publishers holds the cornerstone of distribution of academic books and journals in Iran and has done so for thirty years. Kowkab Publishers has commenced academic books and journals distribution in Saudi Arabia since 2001. Emerging new degree of trade between Saudi Arabia and Iran coincide with opening of the Iranian Trade centre in Jeddah hitherto Kowkab Publishers made the decision to introduce its unique services in term of distribution of newest genuine published academic books and journals by using the same experience from Iran.

§             Kowkab Publishers is gradually known as the most favorite book dealer among academicians and experts by paying especial attention to bring them with new as well as state of the art scientific titles. Kowkab Publishers considers information service to academicians and experts as its top priority service. Although keeping our stock up to date at all times with newest titles is a costly task, but Kowkab Publishers has been able to manage this and keep all the extra marketing costs at their minimum. More and above, scientists’ feedbacks to us were welcomed and emphasized on with great value and this vision caused more Iranian scientists to become our customer.

§             Kowkab Publishers is proud to commence its services for Saudi Arabia’s scientists and experts using our past expertise in the Iranian market. Currently Kowkab Publishers Book Shop serves customers located in Jeddah but our online shop serves all of Saudi Arabia. You can order online and receive your order by post. You are more than welcome to contact us for any further information. info@kkme.com 

§             It is noteworthy that we offer more than 3000 new academic titles in our bookshop plus the stoke titles all together. These are mainly a collection of all variety of scientific titles in medicine, engineering, basic science, social science and reference books all in English language original print of the United States of America or the United Kingdom. You may browse to find a title according to different disciplines on this website as well as search for titles individually.

§             Large Internet booksellers such as Amazon should tackle lots of problems to deliver their service to end users mainly speaking of residents of Saudi Arabia, therefore Kowkab Publishers is proud to help Saudi Arabian scientists and academicians in satisfying their book needs through its online bookshop where it has met all the system requirements in Saudi Arabia for this special scientific community.

§             Kowkab Publishers makes all efforts to keep marketing costs at their minimum and near the international prices to serve as many customers as possible with affordable prices. In addition, Kowkab Publishers service is not limited to our partner publishers, but also we can place an order for your inquired or requested title/s. This kind of orders are normally processed at our order department and by approval through the publisher, they can be processed in two months time at most. Please review “Help”.

§             Our web site contains titles we hold their exclusive distribution right. For example, you will find Lippincott-Wilkins Titles in field of medicine in our website. Here is a list of our major partners: ----------------

§             You will find special discounts in front of each title for titles that are currently available in stock, in Saudi Arabia. There are three main benefits for you in case you make a selection from among these titles as below:
1. You will pay no charge for delivery or import costs for the title.
2. Your title/s will be delivered to you within two weeks time rather than two months with post.
3. You will benefit from a special discount for these titles which ranges from 5%- 20%.

§             We look forward to participate in Saudi Arabia’s scientific advances therefore invite you to utilize our service. As said before, we welcome all your comments and feedbacks about our service since we see our customers as the most valuable source of our improvement. Looking forward to hearing your opinions.



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